“Your obsession is no longer staying alive, your obsession is getting closer to the one you encountered in the place of devotion, so you’re able to look at what you were not willing to confront before and the moment I can identify it as an impediment to my #1 desire, I have no issue then at that point dragging it into the presence of God.

If I simply view it as a character flaw, I’m liable to babysit it for generations!

But if I start saying, ‘This is keeping me from the ONE thing I was BORN FOR, this is keeping me from the ONE THING MY HEART CRIES OUT FOR‘ then I’m going to have such a grace on my life to be able to say, ‘The Lord is not looking at me and saying ‘I’m judging this in you. He’s looking at me and saying ‘If you want more, I need you to break one more flask [of perfume], I need one more alabaster box’…the last of the precious thing you ‘said’ you gave all of to me…”

~ Damon Thompson