“Your obsession is no longer staying alive, your obsession is getting closer to the one you encountered in the place of devotion, so you’re able to look at what you were not willing to confront before and the moment I can identify it as an impediment to my #1 desire, I have no issue then at that point dragging it into the presence of God.

If I simply view it as a character flaw, I’m liable to babysit it for generations!

But if I start saying, ‘This is keeping me from the ONE thing I was BORN FOR, this is keeping me from the ONE THING MY HEART CRIES OUT FOR‘ then I’m going to have such a grace on my life to be able to say, ‘The Lord is not looking at me and saying ‘I’m judging this in you. He’s looking at me and saying ‘If you want more, I need you to break one more flask [of perfume], I need one more alabaster box’…the last of the precious thing you ‘said’ you gave all of to me…”

~ Damon Thompson


Merry Christmas

So I couldn’t quite wait for January to share this with you all!

Something I have always done on past blogs, and want to continue doing here is to share with you the things I come across that I love so much I can’t help but pass it along. It could be a song, a blog post, a Facebook status that made me smile, a comment or a picture. This world is so full of beauty, and I love that I have a place to share some of them with others.

Today, being Christmas, I would like to share with you a music video. I was driving to work a week or so ago, and this song came on the radio and it captured me immediately. Musically, I find it beautiful. (I love Lauren Daigle’s voice, so that’s part of it.) But what really struck me was the words, and the fact that it is such a honest Christmas song, without sounding like the traditional Christmas carol. I like Christmas carols, but I find that after a while, they start to wear on my nerves a bit. This song isn’t jingly, it isn’t quaint or kitschy or commercialized.

It is worshipful.

It is captivating.

And it is full of so much beauty and truth.

I hope you enjoy! May the peace and love of Jesus be very real in your life today.

Merry Christmas!